TINKNET is a Trademark registered in the name of PT. Tunas Link Indonesia. Established in 2018, it operates in the field of Internet Service Providers. We have a reliable team in the field. Our strength in the field of wireless internet service, has proven to be one of the best services, with reliable and professional procedures. We are ready to serve you and give you the best service. With 24/7 Helpdesk services for the customers we provide. We believe that at the present time internet technology with wireless media, one of the things that has become something that is often used by many people. Thus, our company is one of the media to help you realize it. With our internet service, you don’t need to worry about unstable internet speeds. Because our services have quality media.


Become the best service provider of Technology, Information and Communication services that support the development progress in various market segments in the fields of industrial and commercial business and residential use.


Providing the best for stakeholders (Customers, Employees and Shareholders). Providing internet network services and technology, information, communication solutions that contribute positively to business and home development. Implement the latest technology, information and communication that is right on target and effective.